Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony


Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony

Label – Round and Round RR 9202 CDS
Release – 1992
Style – Trance/Progressive House

1 – Pacific Symphony Too (Italian Smooth Remix)
2 – Pacific Symphony Too (UK Supercali Remix)
3 – Pacific Symphony Too (Benelux Swing Remix)
4 – Pacific Symphony (Original Version)


Winx – Hypnotizin’


Winx – Hypnotizin’

Label – XL XLS71CD

Release – 1996

Style – House/Techno

Josh Wink may be best known for his brilliant acid and techno productions but his house output was equally as impressive, as seen here in this seriously cool slice of mid-nineties house that still does damage to this day.

Triple J – Deep House


Triple J – Deep House

Label – Virgin 7243 8 93396 2 8
Release – 1998
Style – Hard House

1 – Deep House (JayJay Mix)
2 – Deep House (Airplay)
3 – Deep House (Second Stage Remix)
4 – Deep House (Bruce Wayne’s Batmix)

Not as the title would suggest a deep house track at all, this is actually a prime slice of German hard house, originally released on vinyl in 1995 and re-released digitally a couple of years later.

A storming hard houser that did serious damage at clubs like Trade and for DJs like Pete Wardman, Tall Paul and Tony De Vit.

Leftfield – Song of Life


Leftfield – Song of Life

Label – Hard Hands hand 002 cd
Release – 1992
Style – Progressive House/Dub

1 – Song of Life (Radio Edit)
2 – Song of Life (Extended Version)
3 – Fanfare of Life
4 – Release The Dub

I was lucky enough to catch Leftfield live a couple of weeks ago and even now that Paul Daley has left the outfit and Neil Barnes has taken control of the Leftfield mantel one his own it was just as powerful and amazing as it was a couple of decades ago when I last saw them.

The newer tracks from Alternative Light Source sat perfectly with older tracks like Space Shanty and Afrika Shok, but it’s this track that always does the damage for me.  An epic progressive house classic that has stood the test of time and remains one of the finest pieces of electronic music ever produced.

Sub•Merge – Take Me By The Hand


Sub•Merge – Take Me By The Hand

Label – AM:PM 582 101-2
Release – 1997
Style – House/Progressive House

1 – Take Me By The Hand (Radio Edit)
2 – Take Me By The Hand (Vocal)
3 – Take Me By The Hand (Deep Mix)
4 – Take Me By The Hand (I’ll Come With You Dub)
5 – Take Me By The Hand (Instrumental)

Produced by Victor Imbres with Jan Johnston on vocals this is a beautiful slice of late nineties vocal house with a progressive twist.

Evolution – Metropolis


Evolution – Metropolis

Label – Positive Vinyl PV002
Release – 1991
Style – House/Piano House

A – Metropolis (Can’t Stop The Feeling Mix)
AA – Metropolis (Piano Dub Mix)

If there’s a tune that needs no introduction it’s this one.

The second collaboration between Evolution and Sasha is one of the defining BIG piano house records from the early nineties played by everyone who was anyone, it remains timeless to this day.

O.R.N. – Snow


O.R.N. – Snow

Label – Deconstruction
Release – 1997
Style – Progressive House/Trance

1 – Snow (Winter Radio Mix)
2 – Snow (The Cold Crystal Mix)
3 – Snow (The Original Bedroom Mix)
4 – Snow (The Polar Bear Mix)

Before taking on his better known 16B moniker, Omid Nourizadeh had a club hit as O.R.N. with this progressive belter.

Originally released on single sided vinyl in 1996 the track was subsequently picked up by Deconstruction and re-released in 1997 and a classic was born.